Knoppke 1929

Knoppke 1929

Scheepstype: luxemotor

Bouwwerf: Gebroeders Geleijns, Moerdijk, Nederland

Bouwjaar: 1929

Lengte: 3390 cm


Breedte : 660

Diepgang : 140 cm

Kruiphoogte : 480 cm

Officiële thuishaven : Rotterdam

Motor : Cummins

Vermogen van de motor : 300 PK

Bouwjaar van de motor : 1994

ENI-nummer : 02304108

Please note:
The history is the "Knoppke" is still in research, as this had not been done by now. Also the available sources of information have to be referenced and cross-checked. Information will be added here, as soon, as this is done. After completion, a version in dutch will also be available.

The "Knoppke" is a Kempenaar and was build by the Gebroeders Geleijns shipyard in Moerdijk in 1929.
She launched as "Josepha" with a size of 50 meters in length, 6,6 meters in width and with a draught of 2,3 meters and was mainly used on the Maas-Schelde canal for transporting goods between Rotterdam and Antwerp.
As with the start of construction of the Albert-canal in 1930 the demands for ships with the size of the Kempenaar class collapsed, the "Knoppke" is one of the last of its type.