Passim 1907

Passim 1907

Scheepstype: kotter

Bouwwerf: Paans in Roodevaart

Bouwjaar: 1907

Lengte: 1540 cm

Dit schip beschikt over een spandoek waarmee het “verhaal van het schip” in de haven kan worden gepresenteerd.


Breedte : 340

Diepgang : 130 cm

Kruiphoogte : 320 cm

Officiële thuishaven : Rotterdam

Motor : DAF 575

Vermogen van de motor : 105 PK

Bouwjaar van de motor : 1954

ENI-nummer : 26240 B R 2003

Verhaal van je schip
The ship was built in 1907. The first name was 'Vischandel.' The original owner was D. van Klaveran (Rotterdam). According to an advertisement in the Schuttevaer in 1913 it was put up for sale with all the details mentioned. The ship was shortened in length (date unknown) this was possibly to reduce registration fees and avoid legislation that was applied to longer vessels. Of course it also reduced mooring fees.
It was built for eel (NL: Palling) fishing on the Ijsselmeer. It was part of a cooperative fishing group. Smaller fishing vessels would put their catch in this ship. When full this ship would return to port and unload its cargo whilst the other members of the co-operative continued fishing.
The shape of the hull allows the ship to run aground when there is no water. This permitted work to be carried out on the hull, something which has long since been against regulations. It also enabled the fisherman to stay out longer.
The DAF 575 engine, serial number A30182, was installed around 1964. In the 1980's it was converted to a live aboard in the Netherlands. A custom made double Tempur bed was fitted into the bow/forecastle, along with a diesel heater/stove in the saloon.
I bought the ship in 2014 and I am the second owner since the conversion having purchased the ship in Stockholm, Sweden.
We sailed and cruised through Sweden to Gothenburg, down to Denmark. Then around the Freisland islands via the Kiel canal. We entered The Netherlands at Delfzijl and overplating was completed in Groningen. We voyaged as far south as Barcelona, West to Bordeaux and East to Basel. We have brought it home to The Netherlands where it will stay.
The small ship has had several names, in the 1950's it was Willem. In the 1980's it was Ganesha. Its current name Passim means - HERE, THERE and EVERYWHERE!